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Introduced in 1985, the journey of Microsoft Excel began that aided people and businesses in transferring data from paperback records to microchips. This was considered as a protective way of storing data. The only lacking it had was that all the data required physical entry.

从1985年开始,微软 Excel 的历程开始于帮助人们和企业将数据从平装本记录传输到微芯片。 这被认为是一种保护性的数据存储方式。 它唯一缺少的是所有的数据都需要物理输入。

2.0 - 5.0 - 95 - 2000

An update in the Microsoft Excel that took place in the year 1987. The software was equipped with 256 columns and 16,384 rows which are considered to be twice the first version.The updates in the MS Excel continued year on year with launching the 3.0 version in 1990, 4.0 in 1992, 5.0 in 1993 with key feature of VBA language that automated tasks to be done with excel, Excel 95 in 1995, Excel office assistant in 1997, Excel 2000 in the year 2000 and then those that are popular in the business worlds today as well.

1987年在 Microsoft Excel 中进行的更新。 该软件配备了256列和16,384行,被认为是第一个版本的两倍。 Excel 的更新年复一年,1990年推出3.0版本,1992年推出4.0版本,1993年推出5.0版本,主要功能是 VBA 语言,可以用 Excel 自动完成任务,1995年推出 Excel 95,1997年推出 Excel 办公室助理,2000年推出 Excel 2000,以及当今商业界流行的版本。

EXCEL 2003

Launched in the year 2003, Excel 2003 was a great support for the XML files. The new version introduced two new features that included the careful listing in a delineated manner within the workbook and secondly allowing the comparison of two workbooks to take place side by side.

Excel 2003于2003年推出,是对 XML 文件的一个很好的支持。 新版本引入了两个新特性,其中包括在工作簿中以明确的方式仔细列出清单,其次允许并排比较两个工作簿。

EXCEL 2007

This version of Excel, Excel 2007 was launched in the year 2007. This was considered as a big new version as introduced a number of new features;• Better formatting as it included the capability to implement the effects to the cells• Powerful formatting as it included traffic light symbols• Introduction of the famous ribbon which has ultimately changed the way one access any of the Excel commands. This was added so that more and more users can access distinctive options more intuitively and in a comfortable manner• Introduction to autocomplete formulae as one would no longer require to make guesses about what functions are called• Rewritten charts inserts with improved appearance• Improvement in page layout as it allows addition of header and footer and their editionAre you still working on the version? Get yours updated for future benefits with advanced features. It is still worth it!

这个版本的 Excel,Excel 2007是在2007年推出的。 这被认为是一个大的新版本,因为它引入了一些新功能;

  • 更好的格式,因为它包含了对单元格的效果
  • 强大的格式,因为它包含了调色盘
  • 引入著名的 ribbon 界面(
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    ),它最终改变了人们访问任何 Excel 命令的方式。 添加这个功能是为了让越来越多的用户能够更直观、更舒适地访问独特的选项
  • 引入自动完成公式,因为人们不再需要猜测哪些函数被称为函数,而是需要猜测。
  • 重写图表插入改进外观
  • 页面布局的改进,因为它允许添加页眉和页脚及其版本

EXCEL 2010

Excel 2010 was launched in the year 2010 with the capability to support the 64 bit systems. This received not fairly a large update, but corrected the mistakes within Excel 2007. While receiving an update, it added the file menu again to the ribbon, giving people an ability to personalize the ribbon, added miniatures within the cell charts and an introduction of slicers to allow the comparison in the data in the pivot table could take place easily.

2010在2010年发布,支持64位系统。 这并没有收到相当大的更新,但是纠正了 Excel 2007中的错误。 在接收到更新的同时,它将文件菜单再次添加到功能区,使用户能够个性化功能区,在单元格图表中添加缩小模型,并引入切片器,使得数据在数据透视表中的比较可以轻松进行。

EXCEL 2013

Alongside the introduction of some extra features to be admired, Excel 2013- launched in the year 2013 introduced a metro style interface which worked for the improvement in the memory.Throughout the updates, it was only the Excel 2007 that received huge updates. On the whole Excel is considered as commonly used application, giving users a power- house of companies, computation and evaluation tool.

除了引入一些额外的值得称赞的功能,2013年推出的 Excel 2013引入了一个 Metro 风格的界面,用于改善内存。 在整个更新过程中,只有 Excel 2007收到了大量更新。 总的来说,Excel 被认为是一个常用的应用程序,给用户提供了一个强大的公司、计算和评价工具。